Drive File Stream

Hi ___. Hope this email finds you well. I understand that one of user is unable to upload files with Drive File Stream because of a storage error. - Cause of Issue-: User has storage issue with Drive File Stream, it is because their local drive (C:/) is reaching the limit. - Fix of issue-: Clearing the Drive FS cache folder, which can be located at Windows: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Google\DriveFS > Content_cache. Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/DriveFS. Note- If the files stored in the cache folder are being used by another service (like the antivirus), then the content will not be deleted. Furthermore, if the current cache folder doesn't have enough storage space, the user can change its location. For more information, check the following Help Center article at - Detail of Cache file -: The cache folders store the files that have been upload, accessed or made offline. If you delete the content of the cache folder, the files that have been stored offline will be re-downloaded again. If user saves file of 10 MB size offline or steam in both case it will add to the cache on both cases. However, when you stream, Drive FS checks the amount of space available in the cache. If the available space is not enough, then it will delete some of the old cached files. - Recommendation- : 1. Exclude the cache folder from being scanned by the antivirus. 2. Use COPY and PASTE and not CUT and PASTE to store files in the Drive FS folder. As files are copied to its cache first, if something goes wrong while syncing (the tool crashes, the cache is erased), users will loose the queued content. 3. Avoid storing too many files offline, if locally you have limited storage. Note- If clearing Cache files doesn't fix the issue To help me troubleshoot the issue, please provide below details-: 1)Drive FS sync logs ( from affected account 2)Screen cast (video recording) while reproducing the issue. It's very important to capture time stamp of then issue happens. Best Regards, Ankaj Kumar Cloud Support Engineer
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